Assisted Living

Assisted Living offers a higher level of service and support for Residents who need help with some Activities of Daily Living. We currently have both 1 and 2 bedroom apartments available in our Assisted Living...Click Here

Skilled Rehabilitation and Long-term care

Kennybrook Village offers rehabilitation and skilled care that is resident focused and provides compassionate support. Getting to know each person before treating the illness enhances quality and increases the positive impact on their recovery...Click Here

Independent Living

Our Independent Living Apartments feature expansive, light-filled floor plans with full kitchens and modern conveniences. If you don’t care to cook, an evening meal is available a la carte ...Click Here

Kennybrook Village

As a resident at Kennybrook Village, you will be around people with life experiences in common with you and who appreciate everything you have to offer. Your independence and privacy are cherished at Kennybrook Village. We strive to provide exceptional service, exciting activities, wonderful meals and a great value in Independent Living, Assisted Living and Rehabilitation. Everything you need is right here in Kennybrook Village.

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What our clients say

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opal_and_maxineSisters Maxine and Opal were planning along with their families their next move. While making the arrangements to move into Kennybrook Village they discovered a reunion was going to take place. “We did not realize that we were both moving to Kennybrook Village until a couple of weeks before our move.” Maxine said, “It is so special to be under the same roof again.”-Maxine & Opal
rogerdonna“Our move to here brought us closer to family. Our son surprised us with a Welcome Home balloon when we walked into Kennybrook Village. There are unending amenities and we look forward to the community events. We truly love it here!”-Roger & Donna
IMG_2736-150x150“I came to Kennybrook Village for therapy.  I chose to stay here.  During my initial care, my thoughts were of returning to my home.  Now, after more consideration and experience, I plan to stay right here.  Therapy was challenging, but it has done wonders for me.  The staff are quite friendly.  I like my apartment and I enjoy living here!-Bud
dorthy-243x300“After living in my home for 50 years and my husband passed away. I had many emotions about moving. It was quite a change for me to consider. Moving to Kennybrook Village was the right decision. I am spoiled … guess it is about time. I enjoy entertaining my friends and family here. My grandson is a culinary professional having opened restaurants all aver the Midwest. He joined me for lunch and was very impressed with the food. I agreed. Kennybrook Village is wonderful!”-Dorothy

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