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There is a rising prevalence of mental illnesses due to the inaccessibility of therapeutic services. Reports state that more than 16 million people in the US provide at-home care for people with potentially dangerous mental illnesses. Families that move their loved ones to a professional care facility improve their safety and specialized care.

FAQ memory care

What is a memory care facility?

The Des Moines memory care facility is a residential space that allows seniors with dementia and mental conditions to receive personalized care with utmost care and safety. The training intends to offer a comfortable and safe space for them because it incorporates high levels of professionalism for the highest quality of life.

What are the benefits of the memory care center in Des Moines?


Caregivers in a memory care facility have enough training and education to meet the needs of the residents. The knowledge enables us to meet the unique needs of everyone living in our care while giving them the space to live a fulfilling life.

Collaborative care

Family members of residents in the facility should always have an update on the progress of their family members. We offer professional assistance that collaborates with help from family, so the individual lives a wholesome and fulfilling life.


The activities in a memory care facility have a design that should keep your mental and emotional state in perfect condition. The offerings of our activities include mind games like puzzles or stimulating sessions like music events and reminiscent therapy.


The memory care community offers increased safety to ensure the security of the team. We have a 24-hour security system that notifies of mobility changes and wandering while alerting the security team of all unwelcome persons.

Behavior support

Seniors with dementia are susceptible to mood swings, aggression, mood disorders, and other mental and emotional instabilities. We can support your wellbeing with counseling and personalized treatment for your particular Des Moines Alzheimer’s care.

The services available in Pathways have a tailored system to improve your memory impairment. Some examples of additional services that improve your stay include:

  • Emergency monitoring
  • Transport services
  • Meal preparation
  • Care planning
  • Interior and exterior housekeeping
  • Specialized programming

Signs you need memory care in Des Moines.

It is challenging for a senior or loved one to transition into a memory care facility if they think they are in sound health. Here are factors to consider when choosing the best memory care facilities in Des Moines IA.

  • Full-time care – The memory care community will offer full-time care if you require 24/7 supervision at home. We are a better choice if you want to have a social life while doubling the benefits of committed personal care.
  • Difficult communication – Is the candidate able to communicate the needs and wants of their daily life? The memory care facility understands the needs of each individual because we know their biology and the complication of their mental condition. Our job is to put together a practical and helpful system to improve the life of a dementia patient without constant communication while noticing cues that ensure you have the best-personalized stay in the facility.

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