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At what stage do you decide that your aging relative or parent deserves better care in a nursing home? Over time, you may realize that their zealous attitude is slowing down because they easily forget to pick up mail, pay the bills, and all other mundane routines. Do you think your loved one could benefit from the scope of services we offer residents?

Types of services at our memory care in Grimes

Personalized dementia care

The best memory care facilities in Grimes IA offer personalized care that considers the candidate’s abilities, care needs, past experiences, and preferences. We develop a fast relationship with family members and residents so you can have a custom Grimes Alzheimer’s care plan to improve your emotional and health well-being.

Supportive therapies

The memory care center in Grimes should always have activities and therapies that solve deep-seated behavior problems. These solutions should increase relaxation, improve your mood and reduce agitation, otherwise insufficient for your mood. Memory care therapy services at Pathway include the following:

  • Music for reduced agitation and aggression
  • Pets for companionship
  • Arts for better cognitive function
  • Reminiscence therapy to stir happy memories of events, places, and people

Cognitive development treatment 

Memory care in Grimes offers many different services for many different needs. These settings can help forge friendships or a quiet place for you to get in touch with your sensory and verbal cues. The Grimes memory care caregivers are flexible to offer the best service for both the young and older residents while giving them the freedom and natural space to explore their minds and emotions.

Memory care residents can feel their emotions when they have different activities to trigger different brain parts. We offer opportunities for you to smell and taste different meals and snacks that remind you of home or happier days in your younger years.  We also customize the sleep pattern to reprogram your sleep cycle and stabilize dementia.


Staff members are critical at treating residents for many different conditions because they know how best to induce feelings of calmness. It is unthinkable and impossible for our team to push or shove patients or make them feel like they do not deserve our attention. Patience is a crucial aspect of our treatment programs, alongside additional communicative skills that allow us to link with patients who lost their language abilities.

Behavior management

Residents dealing with dementia exhibit aggressive or destructive habits when they get upset. The best caregivers should know the difference between an Alzheimer’s episode and a normal reaction to give the patient the right behavioral therapy. We help treat all sorts of issues because of our ability to keep current with the following:

  • Latest technology and medical developments of treating cognitive disorders
  • Geriatric care
  • Knowledge of the patient’s natural progression with the illness

We can offer the proper intervention despite the different levels of a patient’s physical fitness, attention span, reasoning, and language. We are open to working with your existing healthcare provider to coordinate a treatment plan with the best recovery chance. Get in touch today at (515-369-3900) for more information on memory care in Grimes.


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