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Age increases the risk of developing dementia. That said, dementia isn't a normal part of aging. Other risk factors for dementia include genetics, traumatic brain injuries, poor cardiovascular health, and diabetes. Dementia refers to different conditions that affect thinking, memory, communication, decision making, and other cognitive abilities. These conditions include Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia, frontotemporal dementia, and Lewy body dementia. Alzheimer's is presently the most common kind of dementia, making up approximately 60-80 percent of all cases.

At Maggie’s Place, we operate a memory care village in Kansas City, where we care for seniors battling dementia. Our team provides the best memory care treatment in Kansas City to all our residents, ensuring they meet individual needs.

Our Approach to Memory Care Treatment

At Maggie’s Place, our staff is trained to understand dementia, the changes and challenges people living with it face, and how to respond to them. More often than not, caregivers fail to appreciate the psychological burden that the disease places on patients, leading to subpar treatment. Consequently, unfit memory care treatment exacerbates the symptoms of dementia and lowers a patient’s quality of life.

At our Kansas City, MO memory care center, we use the Positive Approach to Care (PAC). This philosophy equips caregivers with the skills and knowledge needed to care for residents with dementia.

A common disadvantage in some of the care homes for dementia in Kansas City, MO, is that the residents are treated in a way that offends them, resulting in more agitation. For example, staff without specialized training for dementia care may not be aware that disagreeing with a resident experiencing memory loss can be hurtful.

PAC ensures caregivers are conversant with the instances when certain responses can be offensive. The approach advocates for the development of interpersonal relationships between staff and residents.

By practicing PAC, we remain open-minded and committed to providing as much support as necessary for each resident. The condition of a person with dementia changes with time, and we alter our responses to adapt to the changing situation. We understand that our guests are doing the best they can, so we work to minimize the stressors they encounter.

A Customized Approach

Another crucial aspect of our memory care treatment approach is that we customize our services to suit our residents’ unique needs. We pay close attention to all our residents to ensure we interact with them in a manner that improves their situation. Among the 50 memory care facilities near Kansas City, we are unbeaten when it comes to providing tailored services. This approach is perfect for both residents and families concerned about the treatment their loved ones receive at a care facility.

Unsurpassed Memory Care in Kansas

If you’re searching for the best memory care facilities in Kansas City, KS, look no further than us. Our memory care village in Kansas City has the personnel, amenities, and environment that the finest senior living facilities are equipped with. Contact Maggie’s Place at Colonial Village to learn more about our services or tour our facilities; Phone: (913) 318-1880.

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