Nursing Home Grimes
Inquire about assisted living services at Kennybrook Village when you’re looking for a caring nursing home in Grimes. We offer multiple levels of care, from independent retirement living and assisted living to short and long-term care as well as memory care. To speak with our staff, please call 515-369-3900. Nursing Home Grimes

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Drug Rehab In California

Healthy Living Residential Program

(661) 536-5562

There’s a drug rehab in California that looks at addiction in a whole new way. Healthy Living’s approach to recovery includes activities, amenities, and experiential therapies that enhance your time spent in recovery. From soap making and healthy food prep to art and movement therapy, there’s a lot to keep you on track during your time in treatment. Healthy Living Residential Program

Hollywood Detox Center

West Hollywood ATC

9024 Harratt St.
West Hollywood

Explore recovery resources online at West Hollywood Addiction Treatment Center when seeking a reputable Hollywood detox center for you or someone you care about. Compare our programs, amenities, and services with others and you’ll see why so many people choose our rehab as a place to start their journey. West Hollywood ATC

Florida Drug And Alcohol Treatment

St Johns Recovery Place

1125 Summit St
Crescent City
(904) 990-1205

Speak with knowledgeable Florida drug and alcohol treatment professionals over the phone from St. John’s Recovery Place to learn about available programs, therapy options, treatments, and amenities provided in our residential facility. You can get help for an addiction right now when you call our 24-hour helpline. St Johns Recovery Place

Luxury Rehab Centers Austin

Sage Recovery & Wellness

Compare our luxury accommodations at Sage Recovery & Wellness Center with all other luxury rehab centers in Austin to see why we are considered the premier place to recover from addiction. Luxury amenities are just one of the reasons we are the best choice for treatment; we offer multiple programs and aftercare planning services to keep you sober.

Benzodiazepine Detox Orange County

New Start Recovery

906 Dorman St
Santa Ana

Unnecessary worry about benzodiazepine detox in Orange County can keep you from getting help for an addiction. New Start Recovery can offer comfort meds and 24-hour supervision during withdrawals to keep you comfortable throughout detox. Contact a recovery expert from our staff at 855-737-7363 with questions about detox.

Rehabs For Anxiety

Omega Recovery
512-456-9373 i

Rehabs for anxiety most often treat the symptoms of mental illness instead of getting to the root cause. At Omega Recovery, our treatment specialists can help you determine why you’re feeling anxious and look for a path to long-term recovery from the condition. Call our helpline any time at 512-572-5768 to speak with someone.