Kennybrook Village offers rehabilitation and skilled care. We approach Skilled Nursing Care and Long Term Care with resident focused, compassionate support.

After a full assessment by our Health Care Team, we will prepare a resident centered care plan and do everything we can to support your health and well-being during your stay at Kennybrook Village. Getting to know the person before treating the illness enhances rehabilitation and increases the positive impact on their recovery.

Medicare 101 - Frequently Asked Questions

“My past several months have been life changing. I should not be alive. My body seemed to be working against me. Thanks to my medical team and therapy, I am a walking miracle.” “The first day of my rehab at the hospital was met with skepticism. I was extremely weak from 4 surgeries and could barely stand to walk. The hospital goal was to get me comfortable using a wheelchair and transferring on my own. When my hospital discharge date was set, my family began their search for continued rehabilitation. They visited 7 different skilled nursing communities before walking into Kennybrook Village.

Their search ended right there. My new goal was set, to walk again. The therapy was a minimum of 3 hours a day and they kept a very close eye on me. They worked with my abilities and day by day I walked a bit further and got my strength back. Now after 9 weeks of therapy, which included physical, occupational and speech, I am returning home with only the assist of a cane. I plan to continue outpatient therapy at Kennybrook Village.” I am blessed! I am thankful! The caring team at Kennybrook Village deserves to be recognized. I was well taken care of. They were always attentive to my needs. My family knew the moment they walked in and I knew the moment I met the staff.”
- John

“Great customer service! Kennybrook Village was a wonderful place to be as I recovered from surgery. I have had good experiences at other rehab facilities. However, Kennybrook Village’s staff were always friendly and timely with support. The food is the best too.”
- David